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Theta Healing


What is Theta healing?:

ThetaHealing is a meditational process that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer to the Creator, and it was created by Vianna Stibal, where everything started because of her personal health problems.  

      The conscient mind is a creative mind ,The subconscious mind it is a programed mind ,a habit mind.
I would  like to discus first on how our life has been programmed and how this programs control our life, our vitality and our behavior in the world.
Nature created the firs 7 years of our lives to download behaviors by observing our parents, our siblings and our community. And in this way a child  can learn all the behavioral characteristics necessary to be a functional member of the family and of community.
So we are downloading  our programs by observing other people, but what happens if we download programs that are not very positive? 
  It turns out that science has revealed that our first 7 years of our life our brain is designed to download programs just by observing other people, and its a state of hypnosis, which is a characteristic or a brain frequency called Theta that is just below consciousness.
-But where are these programs? - well, they are in the subconscious mind ! the conscient mind is connected with your personality, identity, your spirituality.. and the difference between the two is profound ! 
If you are running from the conscious mind then you're creating your life from wishes and desires and aspirations, however if your running your life from the subconscious mind is just going to play back the programs that you've downloaded from others, and since others didn't plan your wishes and your desires, the download you get may not even allow you to get in to the life that you really wish for.
So here comes the important issue ,are we running our life from our conscious mind or are we running our lives with the subconscious programs? It turns out that science has reviled again that only 5% of the day are we operating our nervous system using the conscious mind and 95% of the day our life is coming straight out from the subconscious!
The subconscious is << autopilot>>, so 95% of the day we are operating from these programs!  Now imagine if these are negative programs, self sabotaging downloads .

 The principles of healing 

1)Verbal consent ,(permission is important since it brings you into the reality of healing).
2)Road map, guidance to the Creator,
3)Unconditional Love ( because in order to make a molecular change in the body, one must have energy) .
4)Blocking Belief -where programs must be found and changed.(Example :Being poor or financial instable ...) ( replace the belief... )
     It is my understanding that disease is caused by having certain belief programs over a long period of time. Once these belief are cleared, the disease leaves.
5)Communications with the Creator ( the Witness and intention ...)
    The goal is to clear the body, mind and soul of enough burdening beliefs so that we can have pure communication with the Creator
6) Acceptance ,accept the healing is real !

   How to best accept Theta Healing? By opening the mind for positive change!

The conscious mind can program the subconscious for new behaviors and habits. This ability is build into us. Nobody actually taught us haw to walk or haw to talk. These accomplishments of self-education were completed through an intuitive process at a very early age. So best way to change beliefs is through a return to innocence.
When we are children our brainwave pattern is open to receiving and accepting new information. This is why ThetaHealing  is so important, as it returns the subconscious to the frequency of growth and change. One aspect to mention here is that our subconscious mind can only understand positive affirmations, the reason why children don't actually understand NO ...

   The belief levels/ There are 4 levels of belief within a person:
1) The core belief ( what we are and accept from childhood in this life)
2) The genetic level (at this level programmed are carried over from ancestor DNA )
3) The Historical level ( memory from past lives or collective consciousness that we carry into our present )
4) The Soul level( this level is all that a person is).

Energy testing :
   In order to find if a person have certain belief programs ,a simple method was developed for testing on the four levels of belief. It originated from the conventional form of medical kinesiology. This method is accurate ,regardless of whether the person is conscious or not that they have it.



Theta healing goes beyond our analytical minds, it goes deep into our patterns of sufferings  and our belief system that they where conditioned from an early on in our life and that we continue to perpetuate through our behavior and daily actions.
Theta is one of the main modality to rewire the neuropaths ways ,to reoriented your inner system back to a state of holiness and love.
Benefits of Theta healing:


     The universe want you to receive all the abundance, all the love, The problem is : Can you received it ?

Theta healing technique can help you : 

Release limiting beliefs, Heal your body , Create the life you want !


The purpose of the Theta Healing technique is to bring your brain in a deep state in order to renew the link with the Creator, God, or the Universe ( depending on one’s beliefs).


Also This Technique Activates:

Basic DNA, Advanced DNA,

Intuitive Anatomy, Animals, Growing Your Relationships: You Creator, Your Significant Other, Your Inner Circle

Disease Disorder,

Manifesting. Abundance,

Soul Mate, World Relations, Planes of Existence.

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